Friday, December 28, 2012

List number two.

As a follow-up for my last post, I wanted to list things that light up my life and bring me joy. Things that are or aren't health-related. Just things I love about life.


2. birds, watching them go about their daily businesses, listening to their songs changing as the seasons change, gazing at their beauty

3. drawing (given that my hands work), drawing all and anything

4. knitting (socks especially) and crocheting (hats are my definite fave thing to crochet) - this of course depending on how my hands are doing as well

5. laughing at pretty much anything; the darker the humour the better!

6. making lists about all kinds of stuff

7. dancing just by myself, letting go and just moving my body

8. early mornings, watching the world waking up to a new day

9. going to sauna

10. my friends who are few and far between and that's just the way I like it

11. words

12. art, history of it, all about it (favourite artists of mine include Gustav Klimt, Friendensreich Hundertwasser, Kuutti Lavonen, Gustav Doré, Edward Gorey, Yoshitaka Amano etc)

13. the history of clothing and costume design and haute couture especially

14. coffee with vanilla soy milk

15. make-up artistry

16. nature documentaries (Sir David Attenborough is a somewhat of an idol of mine)

17. Stephen Fry (Jeeves and Wooster is one of my all time favourite tv shows)

18. silent movies (Metropolis and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari especially)

19. fine art, nakedness, the beauty of a female form (queer and proudly so!)

20. poetry


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