Wednesday, December 26, 2012

List number one.

As I am waiting if the aching in my hands would be kind enough to subside so that I could do some fixing my hair today just in order to feel a bit more like a human being, I'll write about things in my daily life that EDS makes difficult or even impossible. Just list things up a little. 

My blog, my ranting. So here goes:

1. no strength in my hands whatsoever when the aches are really bad (got the strength of my grip measured with a special apparatus made for that one day while I was in the hospital and the pain was really really bad: right hand about 0,5 kilograms, left hand less than that. That is not much at all, unfortunately) and the things it makes difficult to do:

-holding my mug of coffee / tea / water without spilling things all over myself
-brushing my teeth
-washing the dishes
-doing laundry (especially the hanging it to dry -part)
-lifting things such as my laptop, plates, etc
-drawing (one day I could not hold a pen in my hand, so bad was the pain)
-holding my cell phone
-knitting and crocheting and thus expressing myself

2. standing up (without having to lean onto something stable)

3. walking because of pain in my back and legs and thus not being able to, for instance:

-going grocery shopping
-running around taking care of other important things
-traveling to spend time with my friends

4. sleeping, because I keep waking up because of intense pain

5. not a chance whatsoever of studying or working

6. taking a shower because of chance of slipping on the wet bathroom floor

7. exercising to try and keep my muscles in good enough shape to, say, be able to stand up or walk

8. not being coherent enough to take care of important "official" things due to being a bit out of it because of being on a heavy pain medication

9. not being able to use a walking aid because of my wrists being weak and hypermobile

10. not being able to enjoy even the smallest of things, for example bird-watching through the window because of being in such an intense pain

Shit, the list could go on and on but at this point it's making me so depressed that I'll stop here.

This is my life, my everyday life with all the difficulties and struggles having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome causes me to have.


  1. Tuttua puhetta. Kuinka toivoisinkaan, että voisin vielä pitää käsinkirjoitettavaa päiväkirjaa tai piirtää enempi, maalata, mutta tuo käsivoimien uupuminen, kynien ja muiden työvälineiden käyttö, todellakaan ei niin helppoa. Voimia sinulle ja kivuttomampaa Uutta Vuotta.
    Linkitin blogisi, toivottavasti sinulla ei ole mitään sitä vastaan.

    1. Kiitos kommentistasi! Toivotan myös sinulle oikein hyvää Uutta Vuotta.

      Ja ei haittaa laisinkaan linkittäminen, päin vastoin kiitos siitä! <3