Thursday, January 24, 2013

ENMG and TMS and OMFG.

Ugh. Today I had to go through the annoyance of having my neural pathways re-examined and the horrifyingly disgusting feeling of having magnetic impulses sent straight into the part of my brain that controls body movements.

The ENMG is okay, it's only slightly annoying. But the TMS thing, oh my god how I loathe it. This was the second time they did the TMS procedure and I was feeling really fucking anxious beforehand, because the operation had caused my EDS aches in my limbs to flare up really bad back when I was still paralyzed and in hospital. This time it felt slightly different, probably due to my legs working again, but it was still terrible. I could barely walk afterwards. Luckily I had my walker with me and my darling husband there to help me. And my painkillers ready and waiting for me in my bag.

There is something SO horrible with magnetic impulses and EDS combined. I still feel like there's a magnetic storm going on in my head, my arms and legs ache and my back, well, let's not go into that, because that would not be pretty, were I to describe how my back feels right now. LOTS of cursing, that's what it'd be.

Anyway, I got them examinations done and hopefully never have to go through the TMS again. 

Had to buy cigarettes from the hospital kiosk and have a couple of fags afterwards.


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